The Trend Of Oval Stickers | Why & How To Use It?

The Trend Of Oval Stickers | Why & How To Use It? - RegaloPrint
The Trend Of Oval Stickers | Why & How To Use It? - RegaloPrint

Oval stickers are evidently the vastly popular designs when it appears to stickers and shapes. Right now, in the sticker market, the basic oval shape is the most popular, which goes around sometimes as “Euro-style” or “International”.

Where And How To Use An Oval Sticker?

  • These oval stickers symbolize multiple different things that move around, company brandings, signifying a country, or a race marathon, race designs, or any template the individual calls for.
  • You can also retain the stickers as an indication of support to some community, or to show your work organization, for instance, you work in the army and have a sticker on your bumper to indicate it.
  • All in all, oval stickers can be used for any expression.
Where And How To Use An Oval Sticker?
Where And How To Use An Oval Sticker?

Sizes Oval Stickers Come In:

You can get custom oval stickers not merely for your car bumper that they were originally made for, but you can get them customized or just get ready-made for some exhibition you are organizing, artwork, branding, logos, and as well as your billboards.

  • You can get your stickers in vertical and horizontal or vertical layouts.
  • You can get your oval sticker size dimensions up to 11x14 inches.
  • You can choose the type of material you want the sticker on.

History of Oval Stickers:

Oval stickers usage came from way back in early 20th century in Europe, when many drivers went to from one country to another for business and transport as Europe countries are moderately small, with mighty frequent usage of highways it was getting relatively difficult to entirely follow the license plates for different countries as the license plates were fairly very same looking. To prevent the confusion the government decided that it would be mandatory to have a white oval sticker with your countries initials in black on the back of every vehicle’s license plate.

History of Oval Decals
History of Oval Decals

Trend Of Oval Stickers In The Early ’80s:

In the ’80s when half of America was traveling in Europe, it came to be a kind of trend going back to America and showing off the exotic European countries by boasting the oval stickers on the bumper of their cars. By the late 80’s it became trendy for Americans to look European in and every way. It was very common in America in the ’80s to see a BMW with the oval stickers on their bummers on the highway. After the craze, Americans started customizing their own oval stickers with different state names and abbreviations for the American stats. For example, “OBX” if for the outer banks of North Carolina.

All in all, the usage of oval stickers has been in for almost a century now and we don’t think it is going anywhere and have already become an ultimate bumper sticker. Oval stickers have evolved with time by displaying anything and everything of your choice, either it is your favorite dog breed, or supporting a valuable cause.


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