Catchy, Vibrant & Stylish Booklets to Capture the Attention of Your Readers and Potential Clients

Booklets might be small but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring.

We at RegaloPrint love printing custom-designed for our clients. Our booklet printing services has clientele in multiple industries. From disease awareness booklets to comic booklets, we offer high quality printing service with HQ graphic and stock paper quality. These booklets can be catalogs, manuals with premium digital printing at Regalo, where we deliver best on and offline printing services. As a marketing tool, booklets have proven their merit time and again by delivering eye catching, useful and on point information to your targeted clients in a cost effective way and yielded profits.

custom booklets printing

You can custom choose paper stock and layouts for your standard booklets. We also offer four binding options for your booklets i.e. perfect bound, saddle stitch, spiral and wire coil bindings to suit the content of your booklets. You will see that with our superior designing and printing skill your booklets will spring to life. You can discuss your design idea with our experienced professionals and have them advise you about what works best in light of their industry knowledge. But that doesn’t mean they will try to manipulate your decisions. We pride ourselves at customer driven service delivery and all decisions ultimately lie in customers’ authority.

You can get started on your latest booklet printing project at Regalo, with a call. Just let us know what you are looking for and provide your custom specifications (booklet size, shapes design, number of pages, nature of contents etc.). Our design team will provide you with optional layouts within few hours. You can choose one or send us your design and we promise quality results on printing your orders. We are known for our attention to the detail, so you can rest assured that your orders shall be error free, no matter the size of your order. But in case if something is overlooked or you are struck with a last minute inspiration, you can reach our customer support services any time of the day. Our friendly CSRs will cater to you right away through live call handling or chat services. Any redesigning you require will be accommodated free of cost.

RegaloPrint offers you free order delivery at your doorstep on the time specified. We offer quick turnaround times so that our clients don’t have to wait to get on with their ideas. Being in a service business, we love to contribute to the success of our clients which is why we keep our services in the affordable price plans despite the high quality service delivery. After all, we care about your goals because they align with our own. 


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