People love cake! It is a fact that I am sure you all agree with. That’s why there are bakeries and confectioners in every neighborhood worldwide isn’t it? There are flavors and styles of cakes and desserts to appeal to people of all tastes and demographics. Demographics? Now that sounds odd right? What has demographics got to do with cake? Well with the invent of decorative cakes can you blame us? I mean there are different cake styles for guys, ladies, children of all ages. Not to mention there are cakes for every occasion of every ethnicity. Like we said people love cake and for every celebration, cake is a mandatory item.

But that’s not what RegaloPrint is here for. We are here to place the ‘cherry on the top’ which means that we can provide you the right packaging for your cake. If you are a bakery owner or are a pastry chef, you will need to sell your mouth-watering edibles in a personalized packaging for three simple reasons i.e.

· To create a lasting and subtle impression.

· For improved recognition of the brand that you represent.

· To transport your edibles without damage.

All three issues can be addressed at Regalo Print and that is what we promise. But that’s not all there is to cake packaging, now is it?

At Regalo, we understand that food packaging requires specialized expertise to contain the food odor inside and protect the packaged food from external contaminators. Our cake and dessert packaging boxes are crafted from the finest materials of card paper and card boards. You can order the packaging to cater to your variety of cupcakes, tiered cakes, or square and rectangular cakes. These packaging boxes can be printed in your custom colors and logos, to personalize the appearance of your cake packaging boxes.

RegaloPrint is a well-known packaging manufacturer with vast clientele dotted across Canada and USA. 

Our packaging services are affordable and yet of the highest quality. With our experience and our high tech printing and graphic designing resources we entertain the orders from various industrial sectors with similar and flawless ease. No company or business is too small for us; we ensure that all our clients receive the best service quality with great attention to the detail. You can place your orders without hesitation because we will take responsibility for any erroneous detail. Our customer support department works is live 24/7 to address your concerns day and night.

If you had any bad experience with a previous printing service provider, let Regalo Print change your mind. Your accurately designed cake packaging boxes will reach your doorstep on the specified time and free of any shipping costs.


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